Installations for Bowls & Fire Pits

      Installation for Fire Bowls AWEIS System 

                       Automated & Match Lit

                           Natural Gas and LP Gas

            Automated Fire 101

      Installation Hook up Fire & Water Bowls

               Automated and Match Lit     

                   Natural Gas and LP Gas

     Installation for Fire Pits and Fire Troughs

                     Natural Gas and LP Gas

Drop in Stainless Pan and Flat Plates Installation

   Electrical Hook up 24v and 12v with AWEIS System

          Vulcan,Tiki Torches, Fob System & Smart Homes

      Owner's Manual for AWEIS System

                   Bowl, Fire Pit & Trough 

                     Installation & Operation

          Owner's Manual for Vulcan AWEIS 

                Installation and Operation

      Owner's Manual for Tiki Torch

               Installation and Operation

Thank you for this Opportunity to be your fire feature company and we look forward to working with you.

Pat & Debbie Klohr

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