All Weather Electronic Ignition System

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                AWEIS/ Field Serviceable Commercial Grade

New & Improved 30DC Powered All Weather Electronic Ignition System

                           (Swimming Pool Certified)

     Vulcan Fire Module

             12vac or 24vac

Natural Gas or LP Gas 

Flame/Heat Sense: 2 Thermopile

Ignition Type: Hot Surface Ignition

Ignition Source: Intermittent Pilot

Max Btu Output: 25k Btu/hr

Inlet/Outlet Size: 1/2" FPT

Operating Voltage: 24 or 12 Volts AC

Inlet Gas Press: 2.0



8" Tall for NG


3" 1/8" Round

10"1/2" Tall for LP


"Certified IAW ANSI Z21.7" 

"Certified Outdoor Fire Feature"



The Vulcan Fire Module is the Smallest Electronic Ignition System on the market today.

It's small size it perfect for very small fire features such as small bowls, rock crevices or

cylinder shaped fire features.  When operating flames come directly out the top of Burner.

2-Pilot Lines  1-Black Plug Hot Surface Igniter & 1-White Plug Thermopile

         12",18, 24",30" & Pilot Burner Assembly Extensions 12" to 10'

                 Commercial Grade 12" Pilot Natural Gas or LP Gas

                               2-Pilot Lines & 1-4-Pen Plug

                          Standard 12" Pilot Natural Gas or LP Gas

                                          1-Pilot Line & 1-4-Pen Plug

                                  HC 18" Pilot Natural Gas or LP Gas

                                               1-Pilot Line & 1-4-Pen Plug

           Cross Between Standard Pilot & Fire on Water "Hybrid"

                                  1-Pilot Line & 1-4-Pen Plug

Thank you for this Opportunity to be your fire feature company and we look forward to working with you.

Pat & Debbie Klohr

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