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Commercial Grade AWEIS
        Specializes in Customized Fire Features
                                          Experience the Difference 
          "Certified IAW ANSI Z21.7 Standards" or "Certified Outdoor Fire Feature" 
           : All Weather Electronic Ignition System ( AWEIS ) 
           : Specializing in Automated Fire & Match Lit Features.
           : Light Fire with a Touch of a Button.
           : Can be Operated by Using All Types of Pool Controllers and Smart Home Systems.
           : Customized Various Electronic Ignition Systems.
           : Automated, Match Lit & Customized Tiki Torches.
           : Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete ( GFRC )Fire Bowls.
           : Stainless Steel Fire Rings.
           : Customized Stainless Steel Fire Rings & T-Bar, H-Bars.
           : Fire Tables and Pits.              
           : Commercial and Residential Fire Features.
           : Family Owned and Operated. 
             : Individually Crafted by Hand in USA.  
                                   Stop by and meet the team at Booth 652 in the Genesis Pavilion 
                                                 Thank you for this Opportunity
                                       (AWEIS)All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems
              "Certified IAW ANSI Z21.7 Standards" or "Certified Outdoor Fire Feature" 
                                        Introducing the First 12 vac
                              All Weather ElectronicIgnition System (AWEIS)
                            Lab tested and certified to use within 5 feet of water
                                           Max BTU's: 290k,  Size:  4 3/8" x 4 3/8" x 4 3/8"
                                                          Operating Voltage:  12vac
                                                  Natural Gas or LP
                                         Vulcan Fire Module    When operating flames ranged from 2' at 25,000 btu
                                     "Certified IAW ANSI Z21.7 Standards" or "Certified Outdoor Fire Feature"  
                                                                Automated Tiki Torches
          (1) 30" T-Bar Match Lit with Gray & Crystal Blue Fire Glass
                              Built by Passick Pools of Las Vegas, NV 
          (2) Two 27" Round Fire & Water & 48" Round Fire Pit with AWEIS
                                            Built by Cost Plus Pools TX
                 (3) One Bella Square Fire & Water with AWEIS System by 
                              Built by Spectacular Pool Construction CA  
                                             (4) One 48" Fire Pit with AWEIS System 
              (5) Three 26" Zen Rusted Fence Water & Fire Bowls Match Lit
                                       Built by Mohave County Pools AZ  
                (6) Two AWEIS Systems with Custom Radius Bars Built by OPTIMA POOLS TX
       (7)                          Three Vulcan and Two AWEIS Systems. Built by P & J Pools of TX 

   (8)                   Two Fin Head Tiki Torches and Two AWEIS Systems. Built by P & J Pools of TX
 (9)        10' Automated Fire Bar with Black Licorice Pebble Fire Glass. Built by Aquatic Technologies CA 
                              (10)        9'x 8"Custom Radius H-Bar, Owner Builder in Ontario Canada 
 (11)                                                Automated Fire Bar TX George Ocapo El Paso TX
(12)                       TEXAS LONGHORN FIRE PIT  By M&M Concrete & Outdoor Fire Concepts
  (13)                      Five Copper Automated Fire Bowls with AWEIS System. By Are Pools
   (14)                             Two Automated Fire Bowls with AWEIS System. By Cost Plus Pools TX 
 (15)    Four 26" Architectural Square Bowls with Automated AWEIS. By Conradis Pools & Spa 
  (16)                30" Metal Bowl with Automated Vulcan, AWEIS & 24" open center ring.
                                       Designed and Built by Yard Builder of  Burnet TX.
                                         Fire Components by Outdoor Fire Concepts.
                 (17)                              Two 30 in Square Automated Fire Pits
                                                        Best Western Hotel El Paso, TX
                                               By Cost Plus Pools & Outdoor Fire Concepts
           (18)                                   Southern Landscape and Designs, NC
             (19)                                      Charlotte NC, Mike B
                          (20)                                             Aquatic Technologies                      
             (21)               8'7" Long Curved Fire Bar By George Ocapo El Paso TX
             (22)                          Mach Lit Fire Pit by George Ocampo El Paso TX
          (23)                Two Fire Pits with AWEIS by Outdoor Fire Concepts NM
          (24)     Four 27" Fire Pot Kits with All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems, TX
     (25)      Fire Pit with All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems By INYO pools FL
    (26)              Three Fire Pots with All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems NV  

    (27)                 Two 4' Fire Bars with All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems, NV



     (28)             Two Automated Copper Cone Tiki Torches Las Cruces NM
  (29)          Two 39"Fire Pots with All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems, TX
                                (30)        Barbero Group Exterior Designers
                      (31)                                       Two Vulcan's with Stainless Steel Poles
      This system allows the owner to light the All Weather Electronic Ignition System or
All Weather Tiki Torch Electronic Ignition System from inside of your home with a touch of a button.
The All Weather Electronic Ignition System can be used in all types of weather, or hard to reach areas.
This system allows you to present more ideas to your customers, which broadens their horizons when using the     
                                        AUTOMATED FIRE REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM.


               Central Contractor Registration Dunn & Brad Number

                                  Residential & Commercial License
                                                      NM 14840
                                          Toll Free 1-877-630-6114
                                              Office 575-647-5840
                                               Fax 575-524-1462

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