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          Automated & Match Lit Fire Pits 
                                         All Weather Electronic Ignition System ( AWEIS )
                   (1)                              Southern Landscape and Design, NC 
                                  (2)                            Sunset Oasis Fire Pit 34"x 16"x 13" Base 
               (3)                             M&M Custom Construction, NM
          (4)                                       G.O. Designs El Paso, TX
         (5)                                          Pools by Designs Las Cruces, NM                            
        (6)  48" Match Lit with a 18" Stainless Steel Fire Ring by G.O. Design El Paso TX
        (7)     48" Match Lit Fire Pit with a 18" Fire Ring : By G.O. Design El Paso TX
                         (8) Outdoor Fire Concepts & By G.O. Design El Paso TX
      (9)                               Fire Component by Outdoor Fire Concepts
            (10)                         Architectural Fire Pit:
                           Oval Fire Pit 80"x 56" ( 12 PCS ) 58" ID x 34" ID at 1060 Pounds
          (11)                                 Architectural Fire Pit:
                          Rectangular Fire Pit 72"x 48" ( 12 PCS ) 52" ID x 28" ID at 774 Pounds
          (12)                               Architectural Fire Pit:
                                          Round Fire Pit 56" ( 12 PCS ) 34" ID at 800 Pounds
         (13)                            Architectural Fire Pit:
                                   Square Fire Pit 48" ( 8 PCS ) 28" ID at 580 Pounds
           (14)                   Recessed Mount Stainless Steel Access Door
                         Available sizes: 8"x 8",10"x 10",12"x 12",14"x 14",24"x 24"
                                                All Weather Electronic Ignition System ( AWEIS ) 
                                     1-877-630-6114 Toll Free
                                       575-647-5840 Office
                         Copyright 2014 Outdoor Fire Concepts all Rights Reserved.